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Man Made Happiness is a community for men looking to lead happier lives through learning from the perspectives of others.

No man is an Island. We benefit from being part of a community and sharing the lessons that the challenges of life throw up.

Perhaps you’ve benefited in some small way from the articles you’ve found here? Perhaps you have your own thoughts and strategies on how you’ve dealt with things in hard times?

We’d love to hear from you and to share your own thoughts for the benefit of men around the world.

This blog is not reserved for the few. It’s a community of men around the world united in a desire to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

It’s created for the everyday man. Men who are willing to share honestly with others.

Our Style Guidelines

Man made happiness covers a range of topics from happiness in work, self happiness, happiness with others and recognising the signs of unhappiness in order to take the steps towards building a happier life.

Our content is written from a male perspective or to give a perspective to men. It aims to provide the reader with a viewpoint on how to overcome the barriers we all face toward leading a happier life.

Popular posts on Man Made Happiness should have:

  • Perspectives of real experiences and the causes of unhappiness with practical tips, advice and solutions that you’ve found useful and would be of benefit to our readers.
  • Write in a clear and concise manner. Avoid being vague or abstract. Talk about the real issues that have motivated you to contribute.
  • Start by explaining the topic that you’ve chosen to write about and then expand with practical advice on how you’ve overcome the adversity that you’ve faced. 
  • While we don’t have a minimum or maximum length for submissions, impactful articles tend to be anywhere between 750 and 2,000 words. Feel free to submit more if you want, but we reserve the right to break your submissions down into more than one post if we feel that works better for the reader.

Requirements for submission

  • The article should be your own work. While we accept previously published articles we require you to include all credits and links back to the original. By submitting your work you accept our terms and conditions and grant us permission to republish your work.
  • Sources for claims should be referenced with a link included back to the source.
  • All submission should be checked for spelling and grammar when submitting. We’ll do a check before publishing, but we’d prefer not to spend too much time proofreading!
  • Any images, artwork or graphics you choose to submit must be of your own creation or have written authorisation for the originator for republishing. If you can’t prove ownership we reserve the right to substitute our own images. Video or audio content submitted with the work is also accepted but must contain an embedded code.

The submission process

Please submit your content to [email protected]

Include a short bio and some information about yourself. We’re happy to include links if you’re a blogger back to your own site but please keep this your bio section.

Please have patience! Every article will be reviewed but this can take up to two weeks. We’ll let you know whether we choose to publish your submission or not. We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

And finally…   

Thanks for taking the time to publish with us! We value the time, energy, effort and courage it takes to put how you’re feeling down in words. Thank you for your contribution towards this community.