There are a number of great resources on the internet dedicated towards men’s mental health and improving general well being and happiness.

Here are a few of our own personal favourites that contain great advice, insights or inspiration that we hope you find useful

If you have your own personal favourite website or blog dedicated towards men’s happiness or mental health please feel free to drop us an email and we’d be happy to feature it on Man Made Happiness.

Top Happiness Blogs

  • Man Made Happiness – Our very own site containing information for men on leading a happier and more fulfilling life. We focus on a range of topics including, career, self and relationship happiness and recognising the signs of unhappiness
  • Positivity Blog – Authentic and honest views from Henrik Edburg providing a wealth of insight into leading a more positive life. Features a mix of free and premium content.
  • Good Men Project – General views and advice site providing an interesting take on what modern masculinity means in the 21st century.
  • Tiny Buddha – Providing a buffet of different views and advice on applying wisdom and learning to everyday life. The Facebook page contains a daily dose of inspirational and uplifting quotes that are especially recommended.
  • Guy Counseling – Founded in 2015 to provide learning, lifestyle and education information for men to provide answers to questions that men often asking themselves.
  • Great Big Minds – Features practical strategies and advice designed to help readers live life to the fullest. The site covers and eclectic mix of topics including advice on financial education and mindset.
  • Natural Happiness – A unique take from Alan Heeks providing his own views and advice on leading a happier life. Written from the perspective of an older gentleman, covering a range of topics.
  • Order of Man – A strong focus on what it takes for a man to be a strong role model to improve yourself and live a fulfilling life.
  • Capable Men – A visually engaging site with a strongly philosophical influenced take on self development through the eyes of a stoic. A different read that makes its points powerfully.
  • Greater Good Magazine – Science based insights for leading a more meaningful life run out of Berkeley University in the US.

Top Men’s Mental Health Resources

  • Heads Up Guys – A well designed resource specifically for men to help them spot and treat the signs of depression. Provides a wealth of tips and tools for men from stress management to food and social life.
  • Mensline – An Australian Government funded service for men with relationship and family concerns. The website contains many resources for Men on common topics of stress, anxiety and unhappiness.
  • Man therapy – A very impactful men’s mental health site with an alternative take on men’s suicide prevention. Differentiated by its very non-medical feel with a wealth of great information and advice.
  • Man Kind Project – With a presence in 21 nations, the Man Kind Project is a collection of not for profit charitable organisations facilitating a range of peer-to-peer men’s groups as well as men’s group training.
  • Men’s Health Forum – From the UK the site features a range of men’s mental and physical health guidance and advice. A content rich site with many paid for and free resources.