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Helping Men to Lead Happier Lives

Man Made Happiness came into this world in 2019.

Its goal is a simple one.

To provide practical tips, help and advice to men around the world about how to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Man Made Happiness was born out of the lack of male orientated resources to help men deal with the factors in life that cause unhappiness.

So is it just for men?

Well no, but our content is written from a male perspective or to give a perspective to men. It aims to tackle issues that can impact the happiness of anyone while providing the reader with a viewpoint on how to overcome the barriers we all face toward leading a happier life.

Man Made Happiness is written for men that are facing barriers in leading a happier life.

Stress, work pressures, relationships, personal happiness and recognising the signs of unhappiness are all topics that you’ll find articles on right here.

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Man Made Happiness does not contain content that should in any way be taken as professional advice. If you require professional help, please visit our resource page that contains links to some of the best male mental health services in the world.

Man Made Happiness is always on the lookout for writers that can provide a perspective on how men can lead happier lives. If you’d like to write for the site please click here to view our submission guidelines.

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